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En ingles existen aplicaciones escritas de los diálogos y estos se realizan en presente continuo y futuro, (be- going to). Para ello se realiza un dialogo escrito que permitirá entender el manejo del presente continuo en inglés.

Para el diálogo en presente continuo, o sea, el verbo be + el gerundio, y para el futuro: will + verbo, para entenderlo te presentamos varios ejemplos de diálogos.


Conversación en presente continuo:

─ Hi, Carlos. Where are you going?

─ Hi Yoli, I'm going (I am going) to school.

─ On saturday? What are you studying?

─ I'm studying the Italian language.

─ Really? Why? will Youl travel to Italy?

─ Yes Yoli, my family will travel to Rome in summer. We'll (We will) going to visit my grandparents.

─ Thats so nice. Your family is from Italy?

─ Yes, They come America around 30 years ago.

─ And where your grandparents are living?

─ They are living in Spinaceto, near Rome.

─ Thats lovely. Will you take me some photos?

─ Of course, I'll take you a lot of pictures, also I'll send it to you by email.

─ OK, Carlos, thanks. Now run, you're going late.

─ Bye, Yoli. See you later.

─ Bye.

Diálogo corto en presente continuo en inglés y español

─  Hey Maria! What are you doing right now?

─  Hey Julian! I'm watching a movie on Netflix.

─  What movie are you watching?

─  I'm watching "Stranger Things". It's really good, have you seen it?

─  Yeah, I've seen it before. I'm actually working on a project for school right now.

─  That sounds interesting. What's the project about?

─  It's about climate change and the impact it has on our planet. I'm doing some research and writing a paper on it.

─  Wow, that sounds like a lot of work. Good luck with that!

─  Thanks! I'm hoping to finish it soon so I can relax and watch some Netflix too.


─  ¡Oye María! ¿Qué estás haciendo en este momento?

─  ¡Hola Julian! Estoy viendo una película en Netflix.

─  ¿Qué película estás viendo?

─  Estoy viendo "Stranger Things". Es muy buena, ¿la has visto?

─  Sí, la he visto antes. En realidad, estoy trabajando en un proyecto para la escuela en este momento.

─  Eso suena interesante. ¿De qué trata el proyecto?

─  Trata sobre el cambio climático y el impacto que tiene en nuestro planeta. Estoy haciendo algunas investigaciones y escribiendo un ensayo al respecto.

─  Wow, suena como mucho trabajo. ¡Buena suerte con eso!

─  ¡Gracias! Espero terminarlo pronto para poder relajarme y ver algunas películas en Netflix también.

Diálogo de 3 personas en presente continuo:

Person 1: Hey guys, what are you doing right now?

Person 2: I'm baking some cookies in the kitchen.

Person 3: And I'm helping her with the ingredients.

Person 1: That sounds delicious! What kind of cookies are you making?

Person 2: We're making chocolate chip cookies.

Person 3: And they're going to be the best cookies ever!

Person 1: Well, I'm actually working on a project for work right now.

Person 2: What kind of project is it?

Person 1: It's a marketing campaign for a new product that we're launching next month.

Person 3: That sounds exciting! What kind of product is it?

Person 1: It's a new line of eco-friendly cleaning products.

Person 2: That's awesome! I love using eco-friendly products.

Person 3: Yeah, me too. It's great to see companies making an effort to be more sustainable.

Person 1: Definitely! And speaking of sustainability, have you guys heard about the new recycling program in our town?

Person 2: No, I haven't. What's new about it?

Person 1: They're now accepting more types of materials, like plastic bags and Styrofoam.

Person 3: That's great news! I'll have to start separating my waste more carefully.

Person 2: Me too. It's important to do our part in keeping the environment clean and healthy.

Diálogo de 4 personas en presente continuo

─ Sarah: Hey guys, what are your plans for the weekend?

─ David: I'm going to visit my family in another city. We're having a big family dinner on Sunday.

─ Rachel: That sounds lovely. I'm planning on staying in town and catching up on some reading.

─ Alex: I'm going to a music festival on Saturday. It's going to be awesome!

─ Sarah: That's great, Alex. Who's playing at the festival?

─ Alex: There are a bunch of bands playing, but I'm most excited to see The Black Keys.

─ David: They're a great band. I saw them in concert last year and they were amazing.

─ Rachel: I've never been to a music festival before. What's it like?

─ Alex: It's a lot of fun. There are usually several stages with different bands playing at the same time. And there are food trucks and vendors selling all kinds of stuff.

─ Sarah: That sounds really cool. Maybe I'll go to a festival next year.

─ David: You should definitely come with me to the one in my hometown. It's in the summer and they have a carnival too.

─ Rachel: That sounds like so much fun! I'm in.

─ Alex: Count me in too! We can all go together.

─ Sarah: Awesome, it's a date then. Have a great weekend everyone!

─ David, Rachel, and Alex: You too, Sarah!

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