Ejemplo de Adjetivos Predicativos En Inglés (predicative Adjectives)

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Cuando entre el adjetivo y el sustantivo que describe se encuentra un verbo, entonces estamos ante adjetivos predicativos en inglés (predicative adjectives). No cualquier adjetivo que se encuentra después de un verbo modifica al sustantivo, sino que puede modificar al verbo, siendo entonces atributivo del verbo, o bien, tener una función de adverbio. Los verbos que conectan un Adjetivo predicativo con el sustantivo, se llaman verbos conectivos (linking verbs). Algunos de estos verbos, son: to be, to became, to look, to appear.

Ejemplos de adjetivos predicativos en inglés (predicative adjectives):

  1. My girlfriend is pretty.
  2. The dog become so big
  3. On Saturday I wash the clothes that are dirt.
  4. Yesterday, class was quite heavy
  5. The house will be large
  6. This ­trip looks well
  7. That book seem interesting, but is so big
  8. ­He is young
  9. Richard is older than I
  10. Jane is attractive
  11. Everyday, my son looks more and more clever
  12. Your car was expensive
  13. Mexico City is wide and beautiful
  14. The street was empty
  15. My candies smells sweet
  16. This topics were difficult
  17. Her Music sounds great
  18. Today, TV is bore and heavy
  19. Bread must be soft
  20. Mexican meat called cecina, is salty
  21. Our computer is slow
  22. My feet are small
  23. This speakers sounds louder
  24. My uncle is younger than I
  25. My cousin remain nice day after day

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