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Cuando usamos una oración subordinada para modificar un verbo, un adjetivo o un adverbio, cumpliendo las funciones de un adverbio, lo llamamos oración adverbial adverb clause.

Al igual que los adverbios, una adverb clause responde a las preguntas How? (¿Cómo?), When? (¿cuándo?) Where (¿dónde?) y to what extent or degree? (¿en qué grado o extensión?). Además las oraciones adverbiales dan una explicación de por qué sucede algo.

When the bell rings, come into the classroom. (When? When the bell rings)

Like a monkey, Stephen was jumping over the trees. (How? Like a monkey)

Saturday, we was walking wherever was a rock, to home (Where? Wherever was a rock)

My car older than you think. (In what extent or degree? More than you think)

I am here because you said me I can come any time I wish. (Why? Because you said me I can come any time I wish)

Las Adverb clauses comienzan con una conjunción subordinada, es decir, un conector que indica la relación entre la oración adverbial y la oración principal. Este tipo de relación puede ser de continuidad, causalidad, conclusivos, de tiempo o adversativos. Algunos de los más frecuentemente usados, son:

After – después

Although – aunque

As – como

As if – como si

As soon as – tan pronto como

As though – como si, parece

Because – porque

Before – después

Even if – aunque

If – si

Since – desde

Then – entonces

That – que

Though – aunque

Unless – a menos

Until – hasta

When – cuando

Whenever – Siempre que

Where – donde

Wherever – donde sea

While – mientras

20 ejemplos de adverb clauses:

Las oraciones subordinadas adverbiales están en itálicas:

After the rain we go to the movies.

I was chilling here while you was watching the movie.

It is so hard, as you know.

John will follow her wherever she goes.

I study all the time since I leave school.

They will go a party, if you want.

As soon as the phone rings Mary will come out from her room.

You’re not resting well as though you do.

I will go to the Patagonia, though you’re not agree.

We lock the door of the garage before our trip

I don’t go to the concert because I haven’t money.

When you see my granny give her greetings from me.

This is a difficult work, as I have done ever.

Unless I have Alzheimer I ever remember when I meet you.

My back hurts me too much, even when I move.

You are learning while you read this.

I find zombies wherever I walk!.

This is the brown dog that we saw in the park

I always study even if you think otherwise.

We say here are twenty examples, altough this is number twenty-one

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