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"To carry" es un infinitivo en inglés que se traduce como "llevar" y como todos los infinitivos puede ser utilizado en las oraciones en inglés como sujeto, adjetivo nominal y complemento directo.

Ejemplos de oraciones en inglés con "to carry":

1. Martha knows the best way to carry out a customer satisfaction survey.

2. Banks failing to carry out anti-bribery measures.

3. I can teach you how to carry a baby.

4. Amir Khan was designate to carry London Olympics Torch.

5. I choose to carry reusable shopping bags.

6. Ocean currents likely to carry oil to Atlantic.

7. Mario try to carry all groceries in one trip.

8. Children are often confused by the need to carry numbers in addition and multiplication.

9. I try to carry the baby in my arms.

10. I would like to carry my books to my grandma's house.

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