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"Era un hombre que aparentaba unos treinta años, magro, más alto que bajo, encorvado exageradamente cuando estaba sentado, pero menos cuando estaba de pie, vestido con cierto descuido no totalmente descuidado."

The story is written in prose, and in some cases its very disordered, and in some cases impossible to understand, also he demonstrate his filosofical ideas, in a very structured way, but in an arbitrary order.

The story is about a man, that appeared to be very serious and rect, some of the elements of fiction we can find here, are for example, the work, is evidently, realistic, and in some aspects, pessimistic, also, we can detect the use of a omniscient narrator, and then, a use of a first person narrator, like a diary, in some others.

Some of the main aspects that we can detect, some themes, are for example, the struggle for knowledge and understanding that Bernardo experiments, and also, for example, the way of writing, there is a part of the reading, where he deals with the problem of how to establish his rules for writing.

Other important aspects of the reading, are the way Pessoa expressed his way of feeling, and his ideas, from love, to politics, and his ideas about god and religion, we can also detect the way of working of Pessoa, and his habits in writing.
Also we can say that Bernardo could be told as a dreamer that thinks, and that he not only appreciate his own work, but the work of others too, that demonstrate he being modest.

In general, I didn't liked the reading, it was very long and boring, but it leaved me with the idea of self improvement, also I started to see the way a writer feels about his work, I also detected that the way the story is written maybe could feel as stream of consioussness (I know it isn't) but in some aspects it really appears to be like that.

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Autor: Del Moral, Mauricio. & Rodriguez, Jennyfer.


  1. Me deja mucha sensación leer este libro, gracias.
    Por Alonzo Reyes 2014-03-17 a las 11:53:20

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