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En ingles, el presente continuo se refiere a los sucesos que ya ocurrieron y siguen teniendo efectos en el presente. Usa los verbos auxiliares have y la estructura have been. Una conversación en inglés en presente continuo se puede presentar como en el siguiente ejemplo:

Ejemplo de conversación en presente continuo:

-- John.- Hi, Mary.

-- Mary.- Hi John. Have you been waiting for a long time?

-- John.- Oh, no. I’ve just arrived a few minutes ago.

-- Mary.- Great.

-- John.- Have you been to this place before?

-- Mary.- No, I haven't.

-- John.- You've to try the boneless ribs then.

-- Mary.- Are those good? I'm starving.

-- John.- Hell yeah! I've heard those ribs are the best in the whole word.

-- Mary.- Amazing. I haven't been that hungry before, hehe.

-- John.- How you've been?

-- Mary.- Not bad. Can't complain. How about you?

-- John.- My uncle died a few days ago, so I've been sad.

-- Mary.- I'm so sorry. Have you talked to someone about it?

-- John.- Not yet. I would like to.

-- Mary.- I'm all ears.

-- John.- Have you ever felt breaking down? That's where I am.

-- Mary.- Keep talking. I'm here for you.

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