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Las oraciones adjetivas, en inglés adjective clauses, son un tipo de oraciones subordinadas que funcionan como un adjetivo, es decir, describiendo o modificando un sustantivo o pronombre.

Al igual que los adjetivos, los adjective clauses responden a las preguntas Which? (¿Cuál?), What kind? (¿Qué tipo?) o How many (¿Cuántos?):

My puppy, that it has a brown dot, is to big (¿Cuál? El que tiene una mancha café)

The training, this Mike teaches, is so hard (¿Qué tipo de entrenamiento? El que enseña Mike)

My money, which it are only three dollars, is enough for a coffee. (¿Cuánto dinero? Sólo tres dólares)

La mayoría de los adjective clauses comienzan con un pronombre relativo. Recordemos que hay cinco pronombre relativos:






El pronombre relativo conecta el adjective clause con la palabra que modifica:

The necklace that you find, is from my granny.

The medicine which is on the third drawer of my desk, is for asthma.

The girl who lives next door, is so pretty.

The man whom you give the package, is a spy.

Edward is a manager whose future looks great.

En algunos casos, los adjectives clauses van precedidos de adverbios relativos. Algunos de los más comunes son before, after, since, when y where. Siempre recordemos que a pesar de estar precedidos de adverbios, cumplen una función descriptiva y responden a las preguntas Which?, What kind? o How many?:

This is the street where my father plays when he was a child.

That day, when I meet you, was the happiest of my life.

I love the forest smell after the rain.

10 Ejemplos de oraciones con Adjective clauses

I received the letter from our friend whom we meet in Los Angeles.

In the library I found a book that belongs to my great-grandfather.

Trees that are known as mustards, are really bushes.

My cousin whose boyfriend is pilot, will give a party.

My clock, which is Swiss made, is very accurate.

The plans that you made last week cannot be done.

The pumpkin that weighed 15 pound is in front of the house.

Susan, whose have very good notes, may be the best student in the school.

The statue, which was inaugurated last week will be moved to the park.

The school where we studied is made ruins.

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