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Las expresiones en inglés “much”, “many” y “a lot of”, se traducen en español como mucho, mucha, muchos, muchas; y por su contexto muchas veces se confunden en su uso.

Much se usa con los sustantivos incontables, con cantidades desconocidas, sobre todo en la forma interrogativa y negativa, con cosas que no se pueden contabilizar, por lo menos a primera vista,  y con los sustantivos colectivos, que no admiten plural.

Ejemplos del uso de much:

  1. I have eated much sugar along my life.
  2. Much people walked daily in Madison Square.
  3. There are much factories in the world.
  4. I wish to make much money in my life.
  5. My tears for you are as much as drops in the sea.
  6. How much cost a lot of diamonds?
  7. Thanks for the meat. How much is it?
  8. Sometimes I spent much time daydreaming.
  9. If you knew how much I wish stay here.
  10. He never drinks much coffee.
  11. Is there much milk in the pitcher?
  12. Is raining too much.
  13. Stop! You smoke too much cigarettes!
  14. Doesn’t he spend much money in beer?
  15. There were much people in the meeting.

Many es utilizado con los sustantivos plurales y con cantidades conocidas o que se pueden determinar rápidamente.

Ejemplos el uso de many.

  1. How many kids came at class?
  2. How many times have knocked the door?
  3. Many of my friends are lawyers.
  4. Many boxes were broken.
  5. Many examples are questions.
  6. I play basketball many times a week.
  7. I have done many marks in your document.
  8. How many employers have your enterprise?
  9. My keyboard has many key that I don’t use.
  10. We go to school many days a week.
  11. Perhaps many of those kids become a genius.
  12. Many musicians I meet play the piano.
  13. Many numbers are divisible exactly only by one and itself. They called prime numbers.
  14. There are much English language pages, and many are easy to read.
  15. Many pages of that book are bad impressed.

A lot of es una expresión que se puede usar indistintamente en lugar de much o de many. “A lot of” también se puede traducir como muchos, un montón de, demasiados. “A lot of” se usa cuando se tiene duda de usar “much” o “many”. “A lot of” va seguido de un sustantivo, en caso contrario se quita el “of”.

Ejemplos de uso de A lot of:

  1. Oh, God! There were a lot of people in the office.
  2. A lot of books in the library are of English grammar.
  3. I’ve a lot of pending work.
  4. There are a lot of examples in this page.
  5. With your jokes, I laugh a lot.
  6. That’s the trouble; he always thinks everything a lot.
  7. I ever use much and many, a lot of times.
  8. How many years you age? I don’t remember, but is a lot.
  9. The homework contains a lot of exercises.
  10. One day I will have a lot of books, a lot.
  11. A lot of children come to their party.
  12. Sometimes I have a lot of mistakes.
  13. There are a lot of factories.
  14. My keyboard has a lot of keys that I don’t use.
  15. I saw a lot of rare birds in the zoo.
  16. In this year were a lot of rainy days.
  17. I’m very tired. I will spend a lot of time in bed.

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