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Los Adjetivos atributivos en inglés (attributive adjectives) son cuando un adjetivo está escrito inmediatamente antes del sustantivo o pronombre, o algunas veces después, y no hay entre el o los adjetivos y el sustantivo ningún otro elemento, más que comas o conjunciones, y por lo tanto el adjetivo modifica directamente el sustantivo o el pronombre, proporcionando más información, describiéndolo o limitándolo, se dice que el adjetivo es un atributo del sustantivo. Corresponde al adjetivo calificativo en español

Ejemplos de Adjetivos atributivos en inglés (Attributive adjective)

  1. The fat, heavy cat walks along the hall.
  2. My old car is outside.
  3. Mary, so solemn, said her discourse.
  4. The red book was on your chair.
  5. Little Red Riding Hood cross the wood.
  6. That old dog was a champion.
  7. Mary Rose, young and hougty, parades in the fashion show.
  8. The Shakespearian Theater shows a whole age.
  9. Most people believe in OVNI’s
  10. The moderate exercise benefits healt.
  11. A careful nutrition promotes good healt.
  12. I like Fresh broccoli
  13. My favorite jacket has three holes.
  14. The new remote control is lost.
  15. This adorable puppy is a gift for you.
  16. I wash dirty clothes on Saturday
  17. My history teacher travel to Greece on vacation.
  18. Big, white clouds cross the sky.
  19. Italian food likes me a lot.
  20. Tomorrow, sleepy and tired, I must go work.
  21. Oscar award is a famous prize for the movies world.
  22. The best book­ I’ve read is “Treasure Island”
  23. November rain is too cold.
  24. Robert, worried and sad, thought in his test.
  25. Yesterday’s French class we read “Evil’s flowers”

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