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En ingles existen aplicaciones escritas de los diálogos y estos se realizan en presente continuo y futuro, (be- going to). Para ello se realiza un dialogo escrito que permitirá entender el manejo del presente continuo en inglés.

Para el diálogo en presente continuo, o sea, el verbo be + el gerundio, y para el futuro: will + verbo, para entenderlo mejor está el siguiente ejemplo:

Diálogo en presente continuo:

─ Hi, Carlos. Where are you going?

─ Hi Yoli, I'm going (I am going) to school.

─ On saturday? What are you studying?

─ I'm studying the Italian language.

─ Really? Why? will Youl travel to Italy?

─ Yes Yoli, my family will travel to Rome in summer. We'll (We will) going to visit my grandparents.

─ Thats so nice. Your family is from Italy?

─ Yes, They come America around 30 years ago.

─ And where are living your grandparents?

─ They are living in Spinaceto, near Rome.

─ Thats lovely. Will you take me some photos?

─ Of course, I'll take you a lot of pictures, also I'll send it to you by email.

─ OK, Carlos, thanks. Now run, you're going late.

─ Bye, Yoli. See you later.

─ Bye.

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Autor: Redacción Ejemplode.com, año 2016


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